Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Day Cardinal

Well, here it is. The 365th day of 2011. The last day for my Project 365. Photographer Angie Mann was my inspiration for this undertaking. Her encouragement throughout it all, along with other photographers and friends, really helped me to stay with it. Over this past year, I nearly made each photo on the day it was posted. Some I had to take and note down the day to post on a later date, such as when we were gone on vacation for 2 weeks. A few other times I "cheated" a bit and used photos from one day for 2 days of posting. Just being honest here. It's only right.

As I mentioned earlier my very first photo for this 2011 Project 365 series, on January 1st, was a Cardinal and so I wanted to end the project the same way, with a Cardinal. I have also included that first photo as well. I hope that you've enjoyed viewing my photos and commenting on them. I know I enjoyed hearing from all of you, very much so!

At this time, I do not intend to start another Project 365 right away but I do plan on using my ItsJustBudsStuff blog from time to time to share some of my photos. I hope you will check that blog out as well and opt to "follow" it.  Thanks again for your faithfulness in following this photo blog and I hope that 2012 brings many new and beautiful things, places and people into your life.





  1. Great photos Bud! I like the closure you've given to the project, especially with those beautiful cardinals. Thanks for sharing your photos during this past year, they were an inspiration for my own project :)

  2. Thanks Jess. I really enjoyed the sharing of photos between you, Angie and myself. And.. I REALLY miss not being able to do so in person. I miss my graphics people!!

  3. We miss you too Bud :) (Sorry I'm just getting around to commenting!) I have really enjoyed seeing your year through your photos and getting to know you better. I LOVE that I was able to inspire you! Can't tell you how great that makes me feel!