Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bud Bear

In my 36 years of long hair and beards of varying lengths on a number of occasions I have been called "Grizzly Bear", "Teddy Bear" and "Hillbilly Bear".  No, I will not tell you the circumstances to which those terms were applied to me. I will say that when Brooke, a young coworker of mine, strutted up to me today with this bear in hand and said "This is your bear.", I wasn't quite sure what she meant. I mean, how did she know about those "other" names of mine? It was only when I tuned the 5 inch stone figurine over did I understand. On the bottom was written; Second Nature Design, Quarry Critters, "Bud".

I bought the bear.



  1. Love it :) Great story - he was meant to be yours!

  2. Thanks Ang. I'm gettin' down to the wire!!